​The company produces systems for the food industry and in particular for the confectionery, biscuit, bakery, pasta and baby-food industries.
“Turn-key” systems are provided in these sectors for storage, weighing, cleaning, transportation and dosing of raw materials for powders (flour, sugar, etc) and liquids (eggs, oil etc. ).
We can therefore say that we are specialists in the first part of the food product preparation process, supplying specific production machines (kneaders), producing highly flexible systems in order to meet the various customer needs.

Market Segments​

Systems for:
Food industry / Bread / Loaf bread / Pasta / Pizza / Piadinas / Biscuits / Muffins / Swiss-Rolls / Wafers / Croissant / Drinks / Snacks / Chewing gum / Mayonnaise / Ketchup / Plastic

Design Services

​The engineering department analyses the customer’s requirements and proposes solutions that offer the best technical and economical feasibility: composed of engineers that design with three-dimensional software developing new components and original solutions, it has acquired a wealth of application experience over the years, reaching a high level of competence in key process management.
In our systems, the component layout is designed to make the best use of space and make the working environment as efficient as possible.
The company maintains constant and qualified relations with the academic world in order to be at the forefront in trying out innovative solutions.

Installation After-Sales Service and Maintenance

We provide system start-up support directly at the customer site.
Each system is supplied complete with a spare parts list and detailed installation, use and maintenance manuals.
We maintain a well-stocked spare parts store to ensure fast delivery.