Filtering and Sifting

​Giuliani Federico can install systems to verify the quality of the raw materials being dosed in their installations. It is also possible to install filtering  equipments in the work area, at the hopper unloading and at the silos loading areas.

Vibrating screen, Sifter

These machines reduce/eliminate particular contamination in the treated raw materials. Essentially they retain foreign particles filtered by means of physical dimensional separation: a net with dimensions that are appropriate to meet the requirements given in the order and suitable for the particular product being treated, allow the product to pass while holding back the foreign particles. Depending on the type of system chosen and on the model of machine installed it is possible to continuously empty the “dirt” or keep it in a collection basket that must be checked and emptied at intervals compatible with the hygienic level of the product being treated. Typically a critical point in food industry risk analysis (HACCP), the centrifugal sieves are manufactured in compliance with the UNI 1672 standard for hygienic equipment design, and with the BISCC (Bakery Industry sanitation Standard Committee) recommendations.


Deferrization Unit

These items retain any ferrous residues inside them. They are made from a series of magnetic bars through which the product passes. They can be inserted in the outlet or upstream of a hopper or a mixer, or directly along the pneumatic transport line.


Sample taking

By means of special diversions along the silos loading pipe, along the transport, or at the product dosing, lot samples can easily be taken.

Anti-dust systems / Extraction hoods

Equipment specifically designed to prevent the dust generated during the dosage of the product from dissipating in the work environment. They can be simple hoods placed above the kneaders or mixers, or centralised dust extraction and recovery systems.