Conventional pneumatic transport systems using aspiration or compression and dense phase for dust and granule handling. Trasporti Pneumatici in Aspirazione

Pneumatic Aspiration Transport

Pneumatic transport by aspiration allows powders and granules to be handled by creating a vacuum in the piping by means of a compressor located downstream of the receiving hopper. It is an extremely hygienic system as it avoids environmental dispersion of the product while maintaining the temperature of the handled product unchanged.

Trasporti Pneumatici in Compressione

Pneumatic Compression Transport

Pneumatic transport by compression allows powders and granules to be pushed by the air from a compressor located upstream of the storage silos. The product is conveyed into the pneumatic line by means of pneumatic rotary valves.

Dense Phase Pneumatic Transport

Dense phase pneumatic transport allows powders and granules to be handled by means of propellers in stainless steel piping, as well as the installation of boosters that blow air into the pipes. The boosters make the product conveying  homogeneously, regulating the flow and conserving the quality, even with fragile products or for long and complex transportation, offering a considerable energy saving.

Trasporti con Coclea meccanica

Transport by Mechanical Screw

Screws can be used to extract and dose any kind of powder. The screws are made from stainless steel with diameters that depend on the flow rate required. They are extremely hygienic as the internal spiral is welded on both sides with a continuous weld to avoid any kind of stagnation.