​​A wide range of silos and product storage or accumulation tanks.
Giuliani Federico can install inside or outside storage units and can maximise the use of space, thanks to a wide range of dimensions.
Standard accessories: Loading pipes, Dust removal system, Level indicators, Overpressure valve, Weighing system, Overload protection system
Extraction method: Vibrating bottom with friction cone, Fluidised bed, Screw extractor

TreviraSilos in Trevira

Trevira® fabric silos are ideal for storing flours in inside locations. They consist of a galvanised or painted carbon steel or stainless steel frame, which contains a Trevira® fabric bag supported by the frame through special straps sewn into the bag itself. The Trevira® fabric is breathable, avoiding the formation of moisture inside the silos, and can be completely removed and washed. Thanks to the possibility of tailor making the frames and sacks, the Trevira® fabric silos allow the inside space to be exploited to the maximum.

​​Stainless Steel

Stainless steel panel Silos Stainless steel panel Silos

Silos made with a modular panel system able to cover a range of storing capacity from 1 to 60 mc. The content’s descent is helped by vibrating the bottom of the silo or by a “fluidised bed”, that is by making a bed of air flow to de-compact the product at the bottom of the silo.

Silos MonoliticiMonolithic Silos

Customising this kind of silos, made of stainless steel, allows the addition of accessories such as service ladders, upper flooring platform, weighing systems, anti-explosion and safety valves.


Silos in Vetroresina 2​The PVRF fibreglass silos are manufactured with the latest technologies, using unsaturated polyester resin matrix composites reinforced by continuous filament fibreglass. They have a high mechanical strength, are sealed, watertight and heat-treated according to the laws on food for human consumption.

Stazioni Vuota SacchiSack Unloading

Several objectives can be obtained by inserting a sack unloading station into a transport line: loading of storage silos and subsequent fully automatic handling of products received in sacks; directly feed of conveying lines which load the final dosing systems, thereby allowing the operators to be absent for long periods. The sack unloading stations are manufactured in compliance with the UNI 1672 standard for hygienic equipment design, and with the BISCC (Bakery Industry sanitation Standard Committee) recommendations.